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Why is my North Carolina State tax refund amount different from what I calculated?

If this has happened to you, you’re not alone. You open your check from your NC state refund status or look at your bank account and notice the amount you were expecting is different than what you got. You may wonder what happened. Did I do something wrong? Did the state tax office goof up? Well the answer may not be that simple. The fact of the matter is there are a number of reasons why you might’ve gotten a different amount from your NC state refund status.

Problems With Your Return
Unfortunately, the majority of the time a difference on your NC state refund status funds occurs it’s your fault. That doesn’t mean it was something you did on purpose. However, accidents happen to the best of us. You may not realize you make an error until your check comes in. Some of these errors include:

  • Made a miscalculation on your tax return
  • Forgot to include deduction proof
  • Filed late
  • Forgot a W2

Any of these can lead to a problem with your return and a new NC state refund status. This might lead to a lower refund. It also could lead to fines if  the error is large enough which will lead to a lower NC state refund status as well.

Other Reasons
On the other hand, there are yet other reasons why you didn’t get the right amount from your NC state refund status money. These have less to do with your return or your filing and more to do with the circumstances surrounding it. For one, you may have been involved in a lawsuit or missed payments.

  • Owe on student loans
  • Owe alimony
  • Owe child support
  • Other lawsuit that involved you paying your refund

For the first three, the North Carolina tax office will send your NC state refund status money straight to who’s collecting. For the last on the list, you may in fact get the whole amount you were expecting, but you must then immediately turn it in your NC state refund status money for the settlement.

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