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  • February 27, 2015

    Millions of people enjoy having hobbies — whether it’s photography, antiquing, craft making, collecting coins, or breeding horses. It usually costs money to support a hobby, but in some cases, your hobby can also make you money.


  • February 26, 2015

    Beyond normal day-to-day business expenses, there are many other tax deductions that can help business owners reduce their tax liability. Not using all the deductions available on your tax return is...

  • February 25, 2015

    The tax code is adjusted every year and it can be a lot to keep up with. Sometimes your life situation changes and you’re unsure how to handle the tax ramifications. The penalties for filing your taxes incorrectly are high, especially if you...

  • February 24, 2015

    Medical expenses, especially if they are unexpected, can take a bite out of your savings. However, you may be able to find some tax relief using these tax deduction tips.

    Itemized Deduction for Medical Expenses

    If you are...

  • February 23, 2015

    It’s the age-old question: Should you take the standard deduction, or should you itemize your deductions?

    To properly answer this question, you must first understand what the standard deduction is.

    The Standard Deduction